Sighted: More Than This at Target

This past Friday I decided to celebrate my birthday with a trip to Raging Waters (California's biggest water park!) in San Dimas (where, if memory serves, Bill and Ted hailed from or was it the guys from Encino Man?). And as I was in no mood to wear the same bikini I've been yanking out of my underwear drawer for the last three years, I got the bright idea of stopping at the Target near RW to, like, buy a bathing suit. Smart! Pickings were slim (and I'm not) but I ended up with a red suit by Mossimo. After that unpleasant task was checked off my list, I dashed to the book section and there they were, four or so copies of More Than This (Touchstone) on the top shelf of the Bookmarked Breakout Book display.

Top shelf!

The official Target sku.


Ileanna said...


ben said...

I made two ladies at target in Pasadena buy More Than This (and chastised them for not knowing the song) . However, I think it was the artists photo on the back cover that really sealed the deal.

Margo Candela said...

You're commission check is in the mail. And you're so right about that photo. It makes me look human. Damn that's one talented photographer, don't you think?