Sighted: Hysterical Author

So the picture on your left is a result of listening to someone's (in this case the husband) prompting to "Smile. Smile bigger!" The last time I looked like this in a photo was when I was in the second grade and I had too tight pigtails and missing front teeth. As I remember the person behind the camera also said, "Smile. Smile bigger!"

This was taken at the B&N at the Westside Pavilion where I signed the four or five books they had on hand. You can go buy one if you like...Super nice people behind the info desk and they managed not to burst out laughing during my pained impromptu photo session at the New Arrivals table.


Skydoll said...

While I think you look great (as usual in ANOTHER chic dress!) I have to say that pile of books (your book!) sitting on that table looks even better! BTW, I'm taking you shopping with me.

Margo Candela said...

Thanks, lady. I'm the best shopper because I hate shopping. I know what I want, where it is then I get it and go. So, yeah, let's go shopping! We'll work up a game plan before hand (think wrap dresses, dark wash trousers jeans and flowy tops that hit just at the hip for you)and it'll be almost painless.