Return of the Flair

I was at my local Target last week picking up an emergency box of Cascade when I passed by their huge Back-to-School area (located where they put the Halloween and Christmas stuff, but which I can't remember noticing any other time of year) and there they were: black Paper Mate Flair felt tip pens.

Oh, yay! I lurv Flair pens. Really, I do.

And with the economy in the toilet (did you know the deficit is somewhere near the $900 billion mark? That's nine hundred with nine zeros after it and it looks a little something like this: $900,000,000,000) spending $6 on pens that make me happy seems to be a relatively sane concept I can wrap my not math friendly mind around.

Yeah, I'm sorry for all the kids out there who are dreading the first day of school, but it's the only time of year I can find Flair pens without having to really look for them. So I stocked up, buying three packs (six total) as well as a pack of colored Flairs (purple, green, blue and dark pink) to use to make jolly the hours I'll be spending this week marking up my manuscript.

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