A Long Overdue Thank You...

People always want to know how a writer becomes a writer and my version of the story is pretty standard. I was lucky enough to encounter a teacher who gave me a little push in the right direction just as I was getting ready to go in another. Michael Eberts (Mr. Eberts to me then, now and always) let me into his already full Intro to Mass Communications class at Glendale Community College. I came in late, but ended up with an A and a new found sense that information could be fun.

When he suggested I give Mass Com 102 a try, I signed up and he taught me how to use a computer (yeah, it was a long time ago, kids) and how to write a fact based story. Our first assignment was to interview him. Mr. Eberts was, and still is, an avid bike rider and would commute to and from home and work by bike. I asked if he'd ever seen anything weird on his trips, since he tended to arrive pretty early in the morning. Mr. Eberts looked a bit puzzled and said no. I went on scribbling anyway and turned my story in (after he took us as a class to the computer lab) that day. He gave me a good grade on it and said he realized after he read it that I was looking for an anecdote. I had no idea what he meant by anecdote, but I knew we were talking about the same thing. (By the way: Anecdote--noun--a short account of a particular incident or event of an interesting or amusing nature, often biographical.) And since then my writing has been based on one anecdote after another. Mr. Eberts, I've made a career out of 'em and I have you to thank for it.

Mr. Eberts and me.
This picture was taken on the day I made my first trip back to GCC to give a little speech/talk about how I got from having no idea what to do with my eyebrows besides hide them behind some badly cut bangs to now where I still don't quite know what do do with my hair. But I think I have the eyebrows under control.

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