House of Guests

So it's not enough that I'm under the deadline gun (but in good shape, writing wise) to turn in How Can I Tell You (Touchstone, Summer '09) on Monday, but I also welcomed a two and four legged house guest into my space this weekend. One is here for a week and some days stay and the other, maybe, indefinitely.

The husband's half-brother is in town for a visit, taking a break from the consistently gloomy weather that makes up most of his days in Bonn, Germany. (Honestly, if you want to have a downer of a conversation ask a German about the weather where they live.) And Dino, who technically belongs to my parents', is also in residence and quickly learning the ins-and-outs of house training. There have been a few accidents and plenty of late night beer drinking, both are related. Even though I don't want the responsibility of two dogs (Schubert is being a trooper and asserting herself when she's had enough of Dino's puppy games), I wouldn't, like, mind not returning Dino to my parents when they get back from their trip. Hey, they're old. They might have already forgotten about him. As for the brother-in-law (is he a half or whole?), he's a very mellow guy, likes both dogs, is a fan of Lost and The Simpsons, but he smokes. Outside. Which, in a way, means, he's housebroken.


Back to writing for me and I'm not even going to let the news that a producer has requested to see a hard copy of More Than This (published by Touchstone and out now, handy links to your right if you so desire to buy a copy) distract me from being a busy and productive bee.

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