Forward to Fall

With Labor Day coming up this Monday, unofficially ending what has been a rather moderate summer here in L.A., all I can say is hoo-frickn'-ray. I'm looking forward to lots of things, More Than This (Touchstone) making the rounds at Borders with the Las Comadres & Friends book club, a couple of in-store appearances, news on whether More Than This gets a film option or not, giving my brain a break by becoming a half time, maybe three-quarter, time student and taking my time to noodle on my next project without a deadline to keep me up at night. Most of all I'm looking forward to handing over How Can I Tell You (Touchstone, Summer '09) to my editor so we can all move on from there (edits, edits and more edits).

But who am I kidding, I'm also looking forward to material things.

Those Damn Boots Again:

Yeah, I know, just buy them and shut up about it. Well, I will! I'm just waiting for September since it's unseemly to buy boots meant to weather Canadian winters in August. (La Canadienne, Kara, in Brown Suede, $319 @

Far From Snow:

You'll never find me prancing around in skinny jeans, they're just not made for a lady like me who isn't straight up and down in any direction. (I have been blessed with 'athletic' thighs.) But that hasn't stopped me from fascinating about owning, wearing and looking great in a pair of athletic inspired pants, namely riding or ski, with no intention of engaging in either activity. (Vince knit ski pants in black, $235 @ Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's)

Promises, Promises and DVD Series:

To get into those pants and not feel like I've stupidly shoved my lower half into dry clean only sausage casings, I'll need to stop my hopping around and bike riding (which only, sigh, make my athletic thighs more athletic) and concentrate on a workout that promises long lean muscles and ass that points up and out. I have a few of Grace Lazenby's itrain workouts on my iPod and am looking forward to see what she looks like when she's (not) straining to stand on the balls of her feet, pelvis tucked, squeezing that damn red rubber ball between her knees. (All The Right Moves, various, $13.99 each @

Much Needed Short Cuts:

I've let my hair grow and grow and each day when I tuck it behind my ears and almost get it into a ponytail, I can't wait for the day I get it all lopped off. I'm just not a long hair or even medium hair length person. Ashely Judd used to be my hair cut go-to in gal, but the chick has gone way long and now it looks rather boring but she's still beautiful. So now I've been a big fan of Audrey Tautou's cropped top. The key to this cut is that it has to look messy to look right. And since I've never been one to fuss with appliances of any sort, not even a comb, it's wash, sort of dry with a towel, work in a dollop of some sort of pomade or wax and then go, suits me and my life just fine. (Not sure what my hair lady Sandra is charging these days. My last cut was in, gulp, January. And, trust me, you can tell.)

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