Back to School

Oh, my what have I done? I've just registered for a second class at my local community college. I've been flirting with the idea of getting my MFA for sometime now but even I have to admit that I'm not ready to go all the (scholastic) way. Plus, MFA's are spendy and a huge commitment that I'm not ready to make. (I still have dreams where I'm late for a test or have been absent from class for so long that I have no idea where I'm supposed to go but know that I'm supposed to be somewhere.) I'm a huge cheerleader for community colleges because they are a gateway (like pot) to bigger and better things (like coke).

So why sign up for not one, but two classes? I actually have a reason!

I'm taking the fall off, so to speak, to concentrate on promoting More Than This (it's out now so, please consider going out and buying it) and working on one (just one) manuscript to finish, polish and submit. I'm also in agent limbo, I have a film agent, but haven't looked or committed to a new lit agent. I'm determined to take it slow and not jump into bed with the first agent who expresses interest in my work. I have standards, damn it, no matter what you might have heard! But knowing myself all too well, I know I'll go batty if something isn't happening and my mind isn't fully occupied. What better way to make use of my self imposed down time then by working the gray matter and seeing if it still works.

Pray for me.

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