August Rush

When you talk to people involved in publishing, either writers, agents or editors, the consensus always seems to be that nothing much happens during the summer months and even less happens in August. People take what I'm told are called vacations where they leave their daily lives behind for a brief period to enjoy lolling about before returning to business as usual sometime after Labor Day.

Writers always tell each other not to bother to query agents or editors during the summer since they won't get a timely reply. (These days there is a wide discrepancy as to what timely means, by the way.) Editors, if their publisher is kind, get half days on Fridays and agents use the lull to catch up on reading.

As for me, I've always thought August got the shaft. But this year is different! (Not really.) My third novel, More Than This (Touchstone) came out on August 5th and is slowly building buzz. August is my birthday month and in three short weeks I'll be on my way to seeing my fourth novel, How Can I Tell You (Touchstone, Summer '09) go into the publishing process when I turn it in to my lovely editor at the end of, yes, August.

I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to September.

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