Yawn, It's Monday...

Man, I woke up with the blahs today, people. Not even the news that Zappos is carrying the boots I've been lusting after for months is enough to put a spring in my step. I've been kicking myself since February for not buying a pair of La Canadienne Kara boots in brown suede. A few weeks ago I even went as far as to call the flagship store in Montreal to ask if they had any tucked in the stock room that I could order over the phone and have shipped. I know! But I was in the grips of boot insanity. Now that I could order them, I'm hesitating on pulling the trigger because the Fall/Winter '08 line is due in a few weeks.

What if they come out with a pair of brown boots I fancy more than the Karas?

To be completely honest there is no real reason for me to buy a pair of boots at this time since it's, like, the middle of summer and I'd look pretty stupid stomping around L.A. in boots meant to weather Canadian winters, and they really have winters up there. Plus, $319 is a chunk of change to drop on something I won't get to wear until late September, if the weather cooperates...And this is exactly how I talked myself out of buying them earlier this year.

So for now they will remain on my favorites list and I'll keep an eye out for the new styles and maybe, just maybe, I'll be visiting New York the third week of September to promote More Than This (which you can get now!) and it'll be cold enough for me to order the Karas and get them right before I leave since Zappos lightening fast turn around time on orders. Man, that was a long sentence, but boots are really important to me.

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