Working Hard for the Money

I took Mary Castillo's DVD suggestion and got myself a copy of Jillian Micheals' 30 Day Shred. I have tons (tons!) of exercise DVD and most have proven to be a disappointment so as of late I've been Netflixing them to give 'em a try before I open my wallet.

It seems that half the country also wanted to try before buying and 30 Day Shred was tagged as Long Wait. I went ahead and tried a couple of others, am now a Jillian Michaels devote. The workouts are short, intense and she's not sugary sweet. You know this gal won't cut you slack because you have cramps. They are higher impact, a lot of hopping around, so my advice would be to invest in a good bra if you don't want to have to have that breast lift in the near future. (I'm a fan of the Frog Bra from Title Nine, its a major boob smusher but makes it possible to do things like jumping jacks without holding on to my cleavage. I'm convinced it also increased lung capacity by restricting the upper torso making my lungs work that harder.)

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Anonymous said...

i bought the shred workout dvd on overstock and i love it! she keeps you moving the whole time. i hope to move upto level 2 soon. i alternate this workout with running and it's a good mix.