A No Vacation Vacation

For various reasons I'm home bound this summer but still hankering for a day or two of just flipping the bird to my daily grind. First off, I can't spare the travel time since I should be, as Heather says, writing. (By the way, I'm at 77,581 and that's before the Adderall kicks in. Just kidding, I'm off the stuff and saving it for when time gets really crunched.) Second, I couldn't very well save money by taking a vacation by myself, leaving behind the kid, the husband and boarding the dog. What I saved in cash would cost me oodles in guilt.

I've come up with some solutions that will save time and money and still give me that living the life of (brief) leisure experience...

Option #1: A Thai massage. I've wanted to try one forever because not only is it a massage, it also incorporates stretching and accupressure. Plus, I get to keep my clothes on. I found a place nearby that has a 60 minute session for $60. After, I can walk to one of the many almost decent restaurants nearby and enjoy a late lunch and an issue of OK! magazine or something brainier like In Style.

Option #2: Very wet fun. Since I have to think of others beside myself I've been considering the idea of spending my birthday at Wild Rivers, yes, a family friendly water park. Since it will be for my birthday, I'd expect a freaking cabana which will add to the price but still will far fall short of what a trip to Hawaii would cost. Plus, I get to sleep in my own bed that night.

Option #3: A weekly trip to the movies. I've been going, having seen maybe four since the summer started, but it's time to get serious. At the top of my list is Pinapple Express, Brideshead Revisted and The X-Files.

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