Hippy Chick Chic

The sister mocked me soundly after I IM'd her a link to a pair of Corso Como sandals (Fidda, $119 at zappos.com, below) yesterday. She had the nerve to call them ugly even after I told her that something about them was really working for me. She then IM'd me the vomit emicon. I typed her that they were beau laid, beautiful ugly in French. The term belle laid is used for women who are unconventionally attractive--just like the sandals. She then sent me the rolling on the floor laughing and loser emicon for using French as a defense from my extreme like of the Fidda sandals.

Now, I more than admit they have a certain look going on. And, yes, this is not a look I normally sport. They remind me of the vacation I'm not going to be taking this summer to the South of France or Costa Rica or the Yucatan Peninsula because I have a looming, looming, deadline. If I can't have the vacation, I can still have the sandals I would have worn on it, right?

This argument did nothing for the sister who challenged me to come up with an outfit that would go with the Fiddas and not make me look like a total hairy-armpit-patchouli-smelling-born-again-Age-of-Aquarius wannabe.

Top left: This flora chiffon blouse from Forever 21 (a store I rarely set foot in because I am no longer 21 and am OK with it) is pure polyester, but what can you expect for $19.80. Since this isn't an investment piece, the price is right even if the material isn't.

Bottom left and middle: Oh, how I love thee, Old Navy. The modal cami tank in Vanilla Latte ($12.50) is a much needed layering piece since the blouse is sheer and will come in handy under other pieces where modesty requires something that'll give the illusion of nothing. As for the jeans, hell, no I'm not going to spend a couple hundred dollars on a pair just because Cameron Diaz looks so fetching in them. I'm no Cameron Diaz. But that's OK because these patch pocket just wide enough leg jeans in Dark Wash (which isn't very dark) will do just great for me and my self esteem for the bargain price of $34.50.

Right top: I'll go cheap on the jeans, cami and blouse, but accessories live a lot longer in my wardrobe. I've been jonesing for a pair of brown sunglasses to replace the pair I know the husband's sister took back to Germany after I loaned them to her. I suppose loan means gift in Deutsch. Whatever. The pair she loaned to herself permanently were also Kate Spade but I'm willing to forgot them while not forgiving her for a pair of Bethany sunglasses, $165.

Right middle: I am not a jewelry person, but this Paloma Picasso Sugar Stack ring in gold with a peridot stone ($1,250 at Tiffany & Co.) is on my short list things that I'd really like to wear on my person. I may buy it for myself if I sell another book or if More Than This (Touchstone, August '08) does super well. I just hope that whatever happens happens before they run out of my size and phase out the design.

Right middle: Hey, the whole idea behind the outfit is to give a nod to the 1960's and weren't they, like, really into peace as well as love and understanding? So this dove patch tote in Navy ($16.90 at Forever 21) will do the trick to convey that message and will nicely hold all my gory true crime paperbacks.

Bottom right: Corso Como Fidda sandals in Cognac Calf, $119, at zappos.com


Mary Castillo said...

I dress like a mom so I can't chide the shoes. But I'm diggin' the bag. It makes a statement even though I'd most likely be toting my son's monster trucks in it.

Mary C.

Margo Candela said...

That's a nice way of saying you hate 'em. It's OK, Mary. You're not the only one who isn't into the Fiddas and it seems like I'm the only one...besides the three gals who raved about them on zappos.