Here and There...

More Than This (Touchstone) officially comes out is six days but can be had online at Amazon, B&N and Target even if it hasn't been shelved in stores yet. I've been avoiding my local bookstores and Target because I hate that "I can't help but look" feeling even though I know the chances of finding More Than This on a shelf are pretty slim at this point. But, if you happen to spot a copy somewhere, let me know!

On the publicity front, I did will be appearing in Conexión, the weekly magazine for the San Antonio Express. It'll be out either this or next Thursday and as soon as I get a copy of it, I'll be wrestling with my scanner to share it with the rest of you. Steph over at Chicklit Club is also going to be posting a Q&A we did over email. Also, Mary Castillo's win a signed copy of More Than This contest is still going on and Heather over at Gadling will be doing a little something in the coming weeks that involves confessions, the FAA and, yes, a signed copy of my book.

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