What's Your Problem?

I had a super nice long late lunch with Heather and Karen (you were there in spirit, Paula!) at the envy inducing Plaza El Segundo. Yeah, it's like a strip mall, but a real fancy one with only good stores including one of my favorites, Cost Plus World Market. Since I'd arrived for our meeting early, on purpose, I spent a good 20 minutes in there, wandering up and down the aisles. I almost bought a bracelet just because it went with my dress and a couple of b&w Paris prints for my office.

I put them back and went to peruse the foodstuffs. It was there that I came upon The Republic of Teas' Be Well series (around $10 for a package of 36 bags). Feeling blah about jumping in the sack lately? They have a tea for it, Get Passionate. Wind up knocked up? Pour yourself a cup of Get Maternal. Since I'm concerned about my health and shallow about everything else, I picked up a tin each of Get Clean (for detoxing my innards) and Get Gorgeous (for obvious reasons). I've tried the Get Clean and its super light and tasty, no sweetener needed. As I've admitted defeat with the very strong stuff Dr. Z wants me to drink to compliment my pricks sessions (of which I am on hiatus of), I'm hoping this will be a good compromise. Not that I'm going to tell her. I wonder if The Republic of Tea makes a Get Honest version?


Mary Castillo said...

This is completely off-topic but I can't help myself. Would you show up in this get-up at your next book signing? (http://perezhilton.com/2008-06-24-fancy-pants)

If I had it, I'd pay you $100.


Margo Candela said...

There's a lot to be said for a tuxedo inspired sport friendly ensemble. A classic today, tomorrow and evermore. This would have to go in the "I'm feeling extra ballsy today. What can I wear to show the world how big my balls are?" category. But honestly the answer is maybe, but most likely not...even if real money were involved. Why? I just don't want to deal with having to shave my legs up that high.