Tick Tock, People...

Time is running out for those of you who have procrastinated in entering the "Win an ARC of More Than This" super easy, no effort on your part contest. (Click the image to enter via my handy contact page.)

Besides getting a sneak peak at More Than This (Touchstone, August 5, 2008), you get so see how many mistakes the copy editing department at Touchstone Fireside had to contend with. I am a messy writer, I admit it. It takes a small team of dedicated professionals to make me look halfway competent. The ARC is pretty much the draft of More Than This that I turned into Sulay before I had a chance to tweak it from her notes, then the copy editors notes, then the typesetter's draft and finally one last pass by another copy editor who asked a question that resulted in a whole new paragraph somewhere in the middle of the book.

But other than that, it's almost like what will be on the shelves the first week of August and its yours free and early if I pick your name out of hat tomorrow. And to make things even more tempting, I'll use my Flip to record the drawing for legitimacy and posterity and post it, along with the first names of the winners, here tomorrow.

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Skydoll said...

Freakin genius, you are! I still need you to sign my copy.