Smells Good and Works Great

We all gathered at the parents' house on Sunday to celebrate fatherhood with soccer, video games, seared meat, beer, the first quarter of the Laker/Celtic game and general levity.

As I sat on the couch avoiding having to turn down a hunk of steak (I'm not much of a beef fan, but I'll go for carne asada anytime, but this was steak steak) my nephew (known as nephew one) handed me the bottle of gel my mom (his grandma) had bestowed on him: Moco de Gorila Gel or Gorilla Snot Gel. Nice!

I became an instant fan upon reading the back of the bottle, seeing that the product lived up to its claim--it looks like snot, gorilla or otherwise--and that it really does provide a nice hold with a super pleasant smell.

I can't get over the handy Squizz prompt on the top of the bottle. And yes, that is the way my parents say squeeze so it's colloquially accurate.

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