Random Book Expo Pictures

Lots of walking was done, pencils and pens picked up, but mostly it was an overwhelming experience. By Sunday, I was glad to duck into one of the bigger conference rooms where Dean Koontz and Michael Connelly were giving a talk. Bantam Books provided copies of both their latests as well as a box lunch for all attendees. Nice.

Shot outside the enormous LA Convention Center. There are miles of carpet inside that place. And all of it gets vacuumed every night so it's nice and fresh for the thousands of feet can trek dirt back inside.

Inside on Friday morning, things were happening. Unfortunately, I wasn't too sure what it all meant. I wandered up and down, stopping at the different House booths. In the background is the "entrance" to the Kensington, my first publishers' booth, area.

Chronicle Books had the best swag, by far. Little notebooks and a kick ass tote bag that was so nice it was the only one I picked up...twice. I also snagged an ARC of Kirsten Sunberg Lunstrum's Swimming with Strangers (November 2008).

The bigger signings took place in the West Hall which was quite a trek from the main hall. There people had to line up Disney ride style with tickets and then they'd disappear into these curtain covered "rooms." I had no ticket or desire to go behind the curtains.

From inside the Simon & Schuster meeting room. There were a few shelves containing S&S titles, as well as tables, sandwiches, coffee and water. I helped myself to a paperback copy of Lauren Weisberger's Chasing Harry Winston (May 2008). Featured in the middle on the first shelf was a copy of my editor's other book Final Theory by Mark Alpert (June 2008)

Of course there were people dressed as pirates selling pirate books, but the oddest thing I saw was the teeth whitening station. I passed by at least four times before I finally took a picture and each time, the chairs were filled. I guess $99 is a great price for whiter choppers but I'd rather pay a little extra for some privacy.

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