Office Space

I spend about eight hours plus in my office. Now that I'm under the gun to finish How Can I Tell You (Touchstone, Summer '09), I practically live in here. Really, I do. o

This is both good and bad. My office is a reflection of myself as a person and right now it says "You really don't care, do you?" I have the basics, of course, a desk, chair, storage and book case, plus some extras like a day bed and a spin bike. I've lived with it as it is for a while now and I have to admit it--I'm pretty blah about my surroundings.

In the last few days I've purchased some prints off of etsy, plus the two Laura Lopez Cano giclees that I've propped up on my bookcase, art decals and today the electrician is coming to install the ceiling fan that has been sitting in its box for a few weeks now.

Things are going to get hung, moved around and chucked (I not so secretly regret the day bed) and when it's all done I'll have the office of my dreams. Now if I could only keep it tidy...

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