Shoe Lust

I do not need another pair of shoes nor do I especially need a pair of shoes like Frye's Liv Shooties (stupid name), below.

Now if I was one of those gals about town--that town being either New York, Berlin, Tokyo or Paris--working at a trendy magazine where weight loss was a competitive sport, then I would probably wear 'em maybe once or twice a month. Anymore than that and I'd be tipping my hand and soon everyone in the office would be sporting their own pair of Liv Shooties (stupid name) and I'd have to put mine away until enough time passed for them to be special again or I got another job at another magazine in another town--New York, Berlin, Tokyo or Paris.

If I did own them, I'd pair them with highly engineered pencil skirts, origami-ish blouses and lots of vintage Bakelite jewelry in vaguely off putting colors and chunky proportions. Combined with my natural pallor from not getting any sun and the permanent grimace I'd have on my face from the pain of teetering around in them (and that skirt and not eating), I'd have a whole look going on.

What's keeping me from ordering them? It's not the price, between $145 and $182, depending on where ordered, or height, a 3.5" heel with platform. It is, sadly, that I don't have the life to do them justice. But I could be that girl! I could (pretend to) have that life! And to do that I'd need these shoes. It's obvious that not having them is the only thing keeping me from relocating to New York, Berlin, Tokyo or Paris and having that life. For reals.

[This was originally posted on 5/21/08] 

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