With the onset of persistently annoying wrist pain, especially in my left, and the general sense that I could do with a good prick session on a regular basis, I've signed up for a course of ten acupuncture treatments with the very amiable and clear skinned Dr. Z. I figure I could go to my doc and get prescribe all manner of synthetic drugs or I could give something that has been around for thousands of years and tried on millions of people a try.

I had my first session yesterday after finally pulling into the parking lot of the Chinese medicine clinic I'd noticed weeks ago. Lucky for me, Dr. Z was only occupied with putting on her make-up and could see me right away. She took my pulse, looked at my tongue and complimented my wrists which she said are "very fine and beautiful." (Thank you, Dr. Z, but they are weak and worrisome.) She then asked me, "And in the morning? The poopoo? It's all OK?" Well there are only two answers a person can give to that and I gave one of them and we moved on.

She put some relaxing Chinese music on (yes, it does exist) and then swabbed down the places where, in short order, she'd gently jab a thin needle in to get things going. I got one the top of my head, one each in the inside of my ears, on the inside of my wrists and ankles. She also placed more than a few on my belly and, thanks to the padding there, they were the least painful of the bunch. She then covered me up, dimmed the lights and let me relax for about 15 minutes. Since it wasn't my first time with acupuncture, didn't freak out with the twitching started but took it as a sign that my qi was stirring. After she plucked out the needles and I got dressed, Dr. Z prescribed a tea regime for me, one type in the morning after breakfast and another before bed to help with my insomnia.

Friday is my next prick session and she says I can expect more needles with a little manual manipulation, just the way I like it.

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