Pinching of the Pennies...

It's official, the dire state of the economy has finally hit me where it hurts--right in the chai.

Target has raised the price of Tazo Chai concentrate mix from a justifiable $3.14 a carton to $3.49, the same price as the organic version. Yeah, OK, it's only 35 cents (yes, I had to use a calculator to figure the difference) but still. It was the one thing I felt good about buying because I could get almost four servings out of one carton for a couple of dollars (Silk vanilla soy milk isn't cheap either, but it's one thing I'll keep buying because once you go soy you can't go back) and save oodles of cash when compared to what a grande of the same thing costs at Starbucks. (But not because at Starbucks they use Tazo syrup concentrate and I haven't been able to figure out how to get my hands on a jug of that sweet stuff.)

I knew it, the price jacking, was bound to happen and when it did, I looked dejectedly down at the price tag, entertained the notion of double checking it at the nifty self-scanner, but instead turned away never to wander down that particular aisle again. Or at least until things are adjusted accordingly. The economy with its rising food prices, gas costing what it does (by the way, America, the gas tax holiday is pure political shtick) and the looming if not quite arrived recession, cutting back on this particular extra is my paltry effort to keep the family finances solvent.

I doubt anyone, namely the husband, will notice my sacrifice but I'm Catholic so I will suffer in relative silence while expecting to be rewarded in some other way...say by Starbucks featuring my next book as an in-store pick. I'll visit the stores and when they offer me something to drink I'll ask for a soy chai, no foam, and maybe will be able to talk them out of an udder of chai syrup to take home. Like I said, I'm Catholic. On a side note, I'm now also a member of the regular, not spa mani-pedi crowd. A spa manicure, where you sit on the vibrating pleather throne seat and soak in the "spa" foot tub costs a good $10 more at the place I go and I've found that forgoing not only saves money but time. Since you're not paying for the extras, the ladies are in, out, up and down pretty quick.

Not that I'll be going chai free. Never! I'll just go back to the Tazo chai tea bags and a squirt of honey along with my stove-top steamed vanilla soy milk. Though I did read on the carton that Silk makes a chai flavored version. It's just a matter of me tracking it down and it being priced right.


adriana said...

The economy is terrible. I agree... I find myself making more of my own coffee too.

Ok, you admitted the gas tax holiday being a political ploy... I have to ask it. Why do you still have the Hillary button on your blog?

Maybe you know something I don't, but I am beginning to think that she's lost it in more ways than one.

Margo Candela said...

Funny you should point it out, Adriana, because just the other day I was looking at the Hillary button and all I could do was let out a big sigh.

I voted Hillary and believe that she's qualified to be president. That's not going to happen, but I figure it would be pretty lame of me to jump off her wagon and on to Barak's when she's still in the race. I'll wait for her to bow out and then I'll get on to the business of getting the vote out for the chosen democratic candidate.

adriana said...

It's not lame to jump off the Hillary train. Seriously, I just wrote up a blog post about her latest statements re: white Americans and elitists.

Although I am glad that you will support the Dem nominee. I don't think that we can afford to do otherwise.