Ode to Old Navy

This morning I was lolling about in bed listening to the radio instead of turning it off, getting up and dressed on with my workout when I heard a story about how Old Navy (which is part of gap and Banana Republic) is suffering not from sluggish same store sales, but falling ones. I'm sure if I ask MBA husband he'd be happy to discuss why falling is worse than flagging which is why I won't. Last thing I'd ever want to do is open an avenue of conversation where he can actually but all the MBA b.s. he's learning to good use by enlightening me. He's much to smug as it is so I prefer to live in relative ignorance and continue to believe that Old Navy's woeful profit margins are directly tied to my own shopping habits of late.

Old Navy is my go to place for t-shirts (long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless). Just about every day I either sleep, exercise (ha!) or spend the day in one of the long layering camis I own in bulk. As for jeans, something else I wear just about every day, I have to admit Old Navy isn't my first choice and has never been.

I wandered into a Martin & Osa store at the Century City Shopping Center a few weeks back and picked up a pair of their boot cut jeans. They were my safety jeans, back up just in case the pair I got from, yes, gap, didn't work out. Since then the M&O jeans have become my favorite with intentions to become a staple which means I will be going back and buying more to replace the other jeans I no long wear because I don't like them anymore. (Of course I now know that M&O is American Eagle's middle age people store for people like...me.) The gap pair I got are way too long and I haven't even worn them yet, though they're very cute. I do plan to hem them sometime in the future since I can't bear to see a good pair of jeans go unworn, but the likelihood of adding another pair or two of gap jeans to my collection is pretty slim.

I wound up with a pair of jeans from the gap and another pair from M&O after I spent a good 40 minutes in a Bloomingdale's dressing room trying on $200 and up jeans and finding them all lacking except in price. I was fully prepared to buy a pair--I had the Tu Cuidad photo shoot in a couple of days and wanted to wear jeans--and the sister, who came with me and handed me pair after pair over the dressing room door, was disappointed. She has a taste for pricey jeans and was sure she could convert me. But even she had to admit the two more reasonably priced pairs that I ended up with looked better which is what counts where jeans are concerned.

I ended up wearing the M&O jeans to the shoot along with a sweater I picked up at the same time. But the orangy-reddish cami underneath everything? That's all Old Navy, baby.

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