New Focus, New Title

Don't let anyone tell you that whining doesn't work. Yesterday I sent my super editor Sulay Hernandez at Touchstone an email that started like this:

"Don't panic, but I've totally rethunk the focus of Book 2 and am scrapping almost everything that I've written so far except for the initial concept. And you know what would really help me feel more connected to the book? A title!"

And just like that, she said, "Let's go with HOW CAN I TELL YOU."

It happened so fast and so easily, I'm double confirming to make sure but, yeah, Book 2 may no longer be known as Book 2 but as HOW CAN I TELL YOU which was one of my top two title choices. The other one I'll save for my next book.

So, Ben, the proud tradition of filching song titles for book titles continues. For those of you who don't know, How Can I Tell You is the title of a lovely Cat Stevens song which a portion of was redone by Cat Powers for a ridiculously romantic diamond shilling commercial, below.


ben said...

I can get behind this Cat Stevens idea, but with two restrictions.

1. The new title character has to be stolen from Harold and Maude. Thinking maybe Sunshine Dore, but you can change it to something like Sol Dore.
2. There also has to be some really obscure reference to "Let Her Go" by Strawberry Switchblade somewhere in the book.

Margo Candela said...

Too late for this book, but how about the next? Early enough in the process (and late in the schedule) to make it happen. Si se puede, Ben, fo sho!