Monday Update...on Tuesday

Very happy to have seen both the kid and the husband off for the day. Nothing starts the week off in a more pleasant manner then having the house to myself, at least for a small chunk of the day.

Unfortunately, I'll have to leave my solitude behind to venture out to take care of some grooming in preparation for my noontime lecture on Thursday at my old (but new!) community college. I have to gas up the car as well as get it washed and take care of my ragged nails and less than tidy eyebrows. Oh, and write up what I'm going to talk about. Fortunately for me, I came upon few sites on how to give an effective speech and I adapted a theme--it's all about the theme, people--to focus on.

Mr. Mike Eberts (he was my Mass Com 101 who encouraged me to continue on to Mass Com 102 and sign up as a staff member for El Vaq) managed to turn a truly desperate reply to his email asking for a 100-200 word summary of what I was going to talk about along with a title into this:

Novelist and former GCC student Maria del Toro [That's me! Margo Candela is my pen name, but I'm sure you knew that, right?] will present “A Series of Fortunate Mistakes and Enlightening Misadventures” at Glendale Community College on Thursday, May 29 at noon in Kreider Hall.
Del Toro had a bad start at GCC, failing all of her first semester classes. But she worked her way onto the dean’s honors list and joined the staff of the student newspaper El Vaquero. She later graduated with a degree in journalism from San Francisco State University and, deep in debt, began writing for web sites. Del Toro then decided to write a novel. Her first novel, “Underneath It All,” was critically acclaimed for its wit and over-the-top portrayal of what can happen when a Latina raised in Los Angeles follows her own hopes beyond what her parents might have intended for her. Now Del Toro is a rising star in the genre of “Latina Chick Lit” and is working on her fifth novel.
The lecture is free and open to the public. A book signing will follow. The talk is offered as the annual Lang Lecture that is presented as part of the spring semester Humanities/Social Science Lecture Series. The Lang Lecture Series began in 2001 and brings a renowned guest speaker to campus each year. It was established in honor of Dr. Veloris Lang, retired Dean of Letters, Arts and Sciences. The college is located at 1500 N. Verdugo Rd.

I haven't been back to GCC in years and I'm looking forward to taking a lot of pictures of the new parking lot that I hear is fantastic and makes everyone wonder why they ever cared about preserving the chaparral.

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