Junk in the Trunk

Last week I made the decision to fully commit to the new tone for the manuscript I'm working on. This meant doing away with about half of what I'd already written. Some of it I can salvage, a chunk of it I can't, but the good news is I've already bumped my word count back up to near 20,000. This says, at least to me, that the new tone and direction is working, at least for me.

Let's hope my editor agrees. Which brings me to...

As soon as I fortify myself with my big cup o' chai and the other half of my homemade oatmeal cookie (added a couple of tablespoons of flax meal and the result is super moist), I'm calling my editor Sulay back. She left a message for me yesterday about the state of Book 2/How Can I Tell You while I was out walking the dog saying...well, saying to call her back.

So I will. As soon as I finish my breakfast...and walk the dog...maybe do a load of laundry...

Update: Got myself all worked up about nothing--I work by myself I have to create drama wherever I can. Sulay is all for the new tone (but same direction) and is fully on board with me stretching my typing fingers. So while how I tell it will change what I'm telling won't. Make sense? We had a good chat about (officially) How Can I Tell You and plans for More Than This (getting 'em blurbs) and other fun stuff. So with that settled I've finally settled into re-working the outline because I'm not about to jump back into this without a plan.

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