Wednesday Whining

I have nothing to complain about today. A miracle. Or maybe I've just gotten used to the suck that is my life. Who know? Who cares!

But since I've bothered, I may as well do a catch-up post on all the relevant parts of my life.

The kid and the best friend are here for the rest of the week, I spent most of Tuesday sitting in traffic court and I'm catching up on my reading and critiquing from my writer's group. I still haven't broken 30,000 words on the tweaking of the first third of my next book and there's still no word on a title. Oh, and the check my publisher sent after my editor got the synopsis for my next book OK'd was delivered to the wrong place, signed for and they've had to put a stop payment on it.

Being sick has derailed my workout schedule and I'm slowly trying to regain some of the momentum and muscle tone I've lost. I worked out yesterday, today and plan to do so tomorrow and so on and so forth. It's not fun yet, but I feel a lot better when I'm done. Haven't stepped on the scale yet. I'll save that little treat for later when I'm having either a really good day and it won't matter what it says or a terrible day when there's a chance the number that pops up will make me feel better. Or not.

The sister has mocked my two proposed big purchases as being in her words "Really stupid, stupid." Maybe so but I don't drink, smoke and after traffic court will never consider a yellow light a buffer to a red. And it's my money. If I want to buy a tote bag I will. And if I want to waste my money on another home beauty device that will end up gathering dust in my closet, whose to say that I shouldn't? I mean I know I shouldn't but that doesn't mean I won't.

Stella McCartney for LeSportsac Everyday Tote, $350, in posh colorblock and the Tria home laser hair removal device, $1,000.

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