Sideboards and Baggage

It's Wednesday and all my whining is shopping related. Even though it may not seem like it, I've been abstaining lately after a slew of bonehead online purchases.

The Puma bag, see below, from Cute, roomy, but not the right size. It's going back and going back in the HUGE box it was sent in making the whole transaction even more wasteful and pointless.

There's nothing worse than pointless shopping--actually, of course there are worse things but this isn't that kind of blog--it really just serves to highlight certain deficiencies in a person's having one.

But! There is good news on the sideboard front. The husband and myself have found ourselves in the unlikely position (no, not that kind) of actually agreeing on something that both of us sort of care about. He wanted something with closed door storage while I wanted something with personality.

When I saw a posting about the Ikea Trollsta sideboard, $349, on apartment therapy I knew it was a happy medium. It has closed storage and flat scroll work on the bottom and legs for a little something extra. Except its not in stock in any of the Ikeas in the area and it's black. I'll keeping checking the stock at regular intervals, get it when it comes in and then talk the husband into painting it the perfect shade of red.

So back to my bag issue and it has become one! The Stella McCartney tote is still a possibility but I've come to realize I'm not the only person in the whole world who might have an eye on it, hence the wait list. I've never been into the whole competing thing especially over something as trivial as a purse, so I'll step aside and let the husband deal with it. He, on the other hand, derives great pleasure from attaining status crap and it'll tickle his pickle if he's the one to get it.

In the meantime, I'm returning the Puma bag (in a smaller box that just arrived with the stuff I ordered from Banana Republic) and heading to the Beverly Center this weekend (with the sister) to buy what I've come close to ordering from the LeSportsac website to make sure it is what I actually want, is the right size and have no excuse to be disappointed by since I'll physically be able to see what I'm buying.

I know the whole point of LeSportsac is the patterns and I do want something besides a boring safe solid color tote. I'm hoping the Deluxe Everyday Bag, $68, in either Gypsy or Floret will work out in size and shape. Since the Dana has a habit of turning on when jostled the right way, I'm hoping the laptop sleeve in medium, $34, will be the solution to this issue and keeping the dust off of it. For whatever reason I'm drawn to the Mayfair print, but won't be getting a bag and sleeve in the same. That would be just too dorky.

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