A Party for a Book

There is talk, unofficial official talk, of having a publisher sanctioned book party for More Than This (Touchstone, August 2008). Friends and family have asked why I haven't had one yet for Life Over Easy and Underneath It All (Kensington, Oct. and Jan. '07) and the truth is there didn't seem to be much of a point. I wasn't ready when UIA came out since I hadn't fully absorbed the fact that I was now a published author. By the time LOE was a on the shelves, my editor had left Kensington and as every writer knows, your editor is your biggest ally. Besides printing an indeterminate number of copies of the book, my former publisher didn't do much else. At the time I was revising More Than This for another publisher and teaching a novel writing class. So it's fair to say we all had other priorities.

But now things are different! There are plans to make a decent push to get the word out on More Than This and for me to make the media rounds and set up some signings. And I think the people who have watched me plod along, listened to me ramble and put up with me deserve a party. And I deserve a new dress for it, too.

If it happens it's going to happen at the height of summer and close to my birthday. So, you know what? I am not going cheap and practical in the sense that I'll make due with a sale rack dress or a close approximation of what I really want. And what I want is a Diane von Furstenberg dress. My freakin' book characters own at least one and so should I. I have my heart set on the cap sleeve fitted seamed Domino dress in black, $365 at bloomingdales. It does come other two colors, azure blue and flame, but those are for ladies who already own a DvF or four. Not only is it a dress worthy of a special occassion, it'll also help serve as motivation to make sure what's underneath is slammin' as it will be way too hot to wear a double layer of Spanx. Let the crunches and lunges begin! And push ups, good for the arms and good for the boobs.

My first inclination would be to let my rack speak for itself but I can see the need for jewelery to add a little color and tie the dress in with my shoes (yes, those purple Delmans again). Since I'm not big on jewelry, I'm not willing to fork over a lot of cash for stuff I may only pull out once in a while. These Majorica man-made pearl earrings in champagne are the right color and I like their organic shape, $65 also at bloomingdales.

As this will be a festive type of thing, I figure I'll go fun with the bracelet. And what could be more fun than a glass charm and bead jangly number for $12.99 from Cost Plus World Market. And, yep, I'll wear it on my left wrist as my hand writing is atrocious enough and I don't need a bracelet making things more difficult for me.

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