Not My Usual Monday...

It's only the beginning of the week and I already feel like I'm falling behind but for very good reasons.

I spent most of this morning having my photo snapped to appear in August issue of Tu Cuidad which just happens to be when More Than This comes out. Everyone was very nice and understanding that I was a wee-bit tense at being the center of attention. But it went well, I hope, and I look forward to seeing the issue and hearing my mother say "Why didn't you wear a necklace...or a dress?"

On Saturday I hung out with Malin Alegria, Reyna Grande and Lara Rios as we tried to impart how glamorous and super fun a life as a writer can be...if you play one on TV to a room (almost) full of local lady teens and their moms and teachers during the Adelante Mujer Latina Conference at Pasadena City College. We imparted our wisdom and shared some tips and tricks of the trade. All I know is I learned a lot from Lara, Malin and Reyna and I look forward to any excuse to getting together again.

I do get to see Lara this coming Saturday during the regional Comadrazon put on by Las Comadres. I'll be sharing a table with Mary Castillo where we'll be selling and signing our books. I've guilted the sister into being my helper so I can concentrate on making my signature as legible as possible while she makes sure people get the right change...and the glass of water on my nightstand is exactly at room temperature.

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