Mom Appropriate

I, along with Mary Castillo and Jamie Martinez Wood, will be hosting the May meeting of Las Comadres as well as doing our author thing on May 10. In between now and then I'll be on the phone, sending and replying to emails and generally trying to remain calm and focused to get this thing together. Lucky for me Rachel, the LA. regional coordinator for Las Comadres is co-planning and we have a group of volunteers who are going to help us out to make sure the event is a success.

What no one can help me with is getting dressed for the day. Since I expect to be on my feet most of the time I want to wear something nice, fairly comfortable and that I like. Which to me means a dress from Target. Why Target? Well, there is one near by and every so often they have something that's cute, but not too cute, trendy but won't make me look like I'm trying to hard (even though I am) and, most importantly, won't break the bank. Plus, if I stay out of the teen side of the sales floor, I won't look like one of those moms who has failed to realize the days of denim minis, skinny strap tank tops and platform flip flops have long, long, passed her by.

I've had my eye on Mossimo's simple cotton sateen shift dresses (at Target, $22.99) since I spied them on the website a few weeks back. But since the info specified it was a "classic fit" I wasn't sure if that would make me a S or M and I wasn't willing to wait around for them to ship to find out. (For whatever reason, the handling and shipping part takes a long time.) Yesterday, I made up a flimsy excuse to pay my local Target a visit and good thing I did. I got there in time to find a rather picked over selection of the dresses, mostly in plum, black and brown with a couple of blues and one green thrown in the mix. I'd wanted the blue from the start but both were an XXL, so I grabbed a plum in M (I am pragmatic, after all) and skipped off to the dressing room to try it on. Score! But the fit was a little roomy so I dashed out for a S and flapped my arms up and down and determined that even though the fit in the shoulders was better in a S, the M was a far wiser choice since it falls better from the bust. Then I picked up a few odds and ends to justify the trip (and the same dress in brown and black) and came home with one less thing to worry about. (President Bush, you are so right! Aimless, pointless and frivolous shopping is the answer to all our country's current woes!)

The only thing is, though I'm very happy with the plum (and the black and the brown), I really, really want the blue version of, yes, the very same dress. So on Friday I'll be driving my butt to the other Target and hoping very hard they have it...and picking up a $5 bag of frutas (no coconut and heavy on the watermelon and chili, por favor) from the guy who is stationed by the main exit. If I don't find either, my Friday is going to suck, but I'll get over it. There's always the online site, after all, and if I time it right, I should be able to get the blue dress in time to wear it to wander around the convention floor during Book Expo America later in May.

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