I'm Free To Do What I Want...

...between the hours of 9 and 3 and a hour or so later on days when I sign the kid up for after school enrichment classes.

As today is the first day back to my regular life after three weeks of in-laws, illness and full-time parenting and baby sitting, I got absolutely nothing much done. But I did come up with a plan and have segmented my days to include working out (done by 7:30 every morning), revising and writing, both here at home and off site. And I've even given myself a free day to run amok on Wednesdays, but no free pass on working out.

Also, the husband asked about the tote bag I've been crushing on. So when I told him it was by Stella McCartney (vague look of name recognition), cost $350 (look of mulling over just how much he owes me for upending my life for almost a month) and was a LeSportsac he laughed at me. And then I told him that not only is it a $350 LeSportsac Everyday Tote Bag by Stella McCartney in Posh colorblock (link here, darling) the bag, I added in my best Joan Cusak from Working Girl "It's not even leathu!" It's better than leather, dear, it's 100% recycled eco poylester. I'm not sure if it's the eco or the polyester that makes it so pricey. Or maybe Paul's daughter's name. Or just Paul's.

In the end, right before he went back to his MBA studying, he looked at me like I was stupid and I looked at him like he was even more stupid because he'll actually buy it for me. Because he's nice and stupid. I didn't mention it's on a wait list of some sort (how New York. How yawn) which might trip him up and delay it taking its place on my shoulder even longer. ("What do you mean?" the husband will ask. "I'm buying you something I can't even buy you yet?")

Since I can't tote around my writerly gear in my bare hands, I've gone ahead (with the sister's approval) and ordered a sporty tote from zappos.com after many hours of searching this weekend. What mostly pleases me, besides that it should be here tomorrow, is that it has a handy underside zipper compartment that will fit my Dana and keep it separate from the junk I'll toss into the main part of the bag. And I have bad posture and the little manikin picture makes it look good...as long as I'm toting the bag. Puma Fusion Hybrid Hobo in Blue Smoke/Iron, $69.

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