My bag drama is over. For reals. I made not one but two, two!, trips to the Beverly Center LeSportsac store over the weekend. The Beverly Center has a lot chichi stores like, um, I can't remember, but I know for sure that there is no gap at the Beverly Center so that should tell you something.

Besides lacking a gap, the Beverly Center also lacks a decent food court. Sure, who doesn't like a piece of KFC or what passes for pizza at Sbarro's once in a while, but when it's a choice between those two or knock off Tommy Burger, I'd rather make the trek over to the Century City Shopping Center. They have a a kick-ass food court, it even makes Panda Express look nice. The crepe place there is a favorite of both myself and the sister and, as we sat down to disappointing mall food on Saturday, we both said how much we were craving a crepe. But there is no LeSportsac at the Century City Shopping Center, but there is a gap, so we had to solider on with what we could scrounge up at the Beverly Center.

The staff at LeSportsac were very nice and helpful, the store is browser friendly and even though they have more stuff on the website, I knew it was a smart consumer move to make the effort to brave the intimidating parking lot of the Beverly Center to make the pilgrimage. I looked around a bit but pretty much settled on the floret print in the new Anna tote ($75) because it was feminine, flirty and functional which I am at least a few days a month. Then I got it home and found that I'd have to carry a lot more crap in it besides the Dana to make it worth both our whiles. I was prepared to feel disappointed when the sister put it this way, "Stupid, why didn't you bring the damn thing with you?"

Why not indeed.

So she slept over and I made her come along for another trip to the Beverly Center where I bribed her a coffee slushie from the fake boba place in the sucky food court. We got there early, like before the stores opened, and it was actually kind of nice. Though you have to wonder about people who show up at a mall before 11 a.m. in the morning on a Sunday.

So with the the able assistance of yet another kind sales person, I ended up with my initial choice of the Deluxe Everyday bag ($68) and used the difference to buy a plain black medium laptop case ($34)--you only get store credit or returns (within 30 days). And just as I was about to hand over the AmEx I asked about the display of Stella McCartney bags and if that's all they had. And she said the words that made my heart thumpity thump in my chest, "Oh, no we have the Everyday Tote in the window. Do you want to see it?"

Did I!

Now for whatever reason I've/I'd developed a lust for this tote bag. The price, $350, and not being much of a label monger didn't deter me. I suppose if I were honest it would be the color combination since it's just like the funky peach or plum or some sort of petite flowering fruit tree right outside my office window. Either way, I was prepaperd to wave bye-bye to the floret bag and slap down the AmEx for the Stella McCartney. And then I saw how huge, HUGE, it is in real life. The thing is big enough to use as a weekend getaway bag. The only thing bigger than the bag was my disappointment of how big it was. The sales person agreed and said, "It looks a lot smaller on the site and in the brochures."

So I'm over this bag and never again will I believe what I see on the Internet.

Realistic ending: my Dana now has a home in the laptop sleeve which doesn't fit in the Deluxe Everydaybag, but I'm willing to work with it and move on with my life or at least consider the possibility of getting one.


HP said...

Oh how funny...I saw that Anna tote at the JFK airport. There's a brand new LeSportSac store there. Not only did the bag catch my eye, I almost ran into a couple passengers as my head spun around to get a better look!

Heather, who is obviously not flying, or writing...LOL

Margo Candela said...

It's cute, huh? If I had more of life, like you do, I'd have kept it. But my needs are more petite unlike the rest of me.