Bad Idea

Two kids and a fed up mommy-writer do not make for the most ideal of interview experiences. But Ileanna from Tu Cuidad was professional, understanding and a trooper. In the future I shall read all school handouts extra carefully to make sure I don't ever have to inflict my home situation on an impressionable young aspiring writer again. All I can say is, I'm sorry and don't have kids. Learn from me. You can't have it all because all of it will tell you it has to pee or is thirsty or is bored at regular intervals while you attempt to have a sort of grown-up conversation.

To top it off the little treasures extorted me into getting them Happy Meals which means I am currently regretting the Big Mac I had for lunch. It's not that they were bad, they were just kids who expected McDonald's and reminded me every few seconds that I did not outright say "No" which turned into a "Hell, yes, McDonald's!" in seven-year-old minds. I put my foot down at ice cream, though. There was no way they deserved ice cream. I deserve some sort fruity alcoholic drink, a nap and a free pass on that Big Mac.

Monday I get my life back and I'm looking forward to it.


Note: Just got off the phone with the husband who is on his way the first session of a 10-week supplementary MBA course because a person can never know too much about business. I made it very clear to him that I've reached my limit and today/tonight would have been a good day to have him pitch in. But I just have one day, one long day, to go. I'm not looking forward it to as they've nixed my idea of going to see Nim's Island. I don't want to see it either but it stars that Gerard Butler guy which basically would make the experience like that jet ski video game at Chuck E. Cheese that all the moms hop on because it vibrates. (Yes, husbands and fathers, this is the only reason your lady ever agrees to take the kids to CEC.)

So after I'm done complaining the husband says, "Aww, honey, buy yourself something nice. On me."
To which I couldn't help but answer, "Baby, it's always on you."

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