The Week That Wasn't

Where did the last five days go? What can I expect for this weekend?

Monday: I know I worked out and did some writing. The German parent's in law cooked and it was very nice. They go all out, setting the table nicely, making it special. The husband better not get any ideas as I'm not going to start turning dinner into a bigger production once their gone. My motto is if it doesn't fit on one plate, you don't need to eat it.

Tuesday: As the husband's dad is divorced from his mom and has been married to the step-mom for ages. The husband, now being an adult, arranged for a dinner at Mastro's in Beverly Hills. I went, the kid also, as well as the husband's half-sister from the mom's second marriage. Yes, it was uncomfortable for so many reasons--any which have and will find their way into my novels. But I've learned that unless things get very bad, I just roll with it. I was already feeling ill so I spent the almost three hours watching and regretting eating so much delicious bread that couldn't fully enjoy all the food we ordered. I think everyone would have been just as happy at Houston's and it would have cost about $400 for all seven of us instead of three times that.

Wednesday: Fully sick by this point. Dragged myself around. Little writing, no exercising and I hosted a play date for the kid and his best friend until 6 pm while the husband took the parents out shopping and sight seeing. By the way, they came back with two of those tiny egg cups in their shopping bags. Funny.

Thursday: Sick, sick, sick. Took me hours to watch Sunshine (the sci-fi movie) as had trouble concentrating and had to go back for the bits I'd missed in my cold medicine induced stupor.

Friday: Feeling 75% better and made the mistake of going out and about only to find myself feeling slightly wretched again. Bowed out of a trip to the Queen Mary in Long Beach and have spent the rest of the day blowing my nose and coughing. The husband has his MBA study group tonight so I'm on my own and will have to procure dinner as it's been eating out and them doing the cooking and this has to stop. I guess.

Saturday: My family is coming over for tea and a light late lunch. I'm not stressing out. There's no point. That's what Costco is for. As I don't have a membership, I'll duck out with either my mom or sister and piggy back on theirs. Actually, Costco on a Saturday? Frickin' scary.

Sunday: Easter brunch and then off to the airport. The German parents are flying to New York for a few days and then back to Bonn. Then it's over to my parents for Easter ham and meeting and greeting my dad's relations who are in from Mexico.

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