Wednesday Whining

I'm so sick. Like really sick. And the kicker is I'd sort of been fantasizing about being sick so I could use it as an excuse to just stay in bed without any of the guilt that comes with going back to bed in the late morning/early afternoon just for the hell of it except I forgot that when a person is sick they feeling frickin' lousy.

Oh, and I just triple confirmed that yes, the kid will be starting two weeks, TWO WEEKS, of spring break on Monday. So that's a week with family visiting in-house then another two weeks with the kid underfoot which equals very little time and patience to write. But I'm trying, editor and agent, I really am.

Looks like Paris is a go and as such I will be building up an easy to pack and wear again in real life wardrobe for the trip as I have no plans to buy anything there except for what I can't carry on my person or in my suitcase. As I told my German m-i-l, "It's best to spend all your dollars as they're not even worth exchanging back into Euros." And yeah, this whole country is the bargain basement of most of the rest of the world. USA! USA! USA!

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