Tuesday Confessions...

1. I slept through most of Horton Hears a Who despite guzzling 20 oz. of soy chai. It was cute and all, what I saw, but I found sleeping more entertaining.
2. I watched newest The Bachelor online only because I forgot to Tivo it. Why? For lines uttered by seemingly normal woman likes this one while the harem was in Vegas: "I like blackjack but I think what I'm going to gamble with tonight is my heart."
3. I plan to watch The Real Housewives of New York City sometime tonight or tomorrow. Why? For the sheer desperation these women exude and the pains they take to prove their status or gain some. It's exhausting just watching them from the comfort of my couch with a bag of chips balanced on my paunchy belly. Having been in the company of real socialites, I can sort of safely say these ladies are firmly on the lower tier of that whole caste system. Part of the whole socialite mystique, if you want to call it that, is that it's supposed to seem effortless and dignified. There's nothing dignified about being on a reality show but it's great fun to watch.
4. I did not meet my word count for the day, falling 108 words short of my weak 1,000 goal. Still I'm happy with the 29,081 words I have so far and am looking forward to starting the next third soon.
5. I didn't exercise today and, trust me, I'm in no place to be skipping workouts. My yoga workout on Monday left me with tremendously sore shoulders so tomorrow the plan is to ride my bike and give my upper body a break.

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