Timely Events

As of Friday, my 30,000 first draft due day, I clocked in 26,228 words. Not bad considering I snuck way on Thursday to see The Bank Job which throughly enjoyed along with a grande iced soy chai and small popcorn). My original plan had been to write an entire bare bones draft in 30k, but that did not and will not be happening. I did, however, get the first third of the book down. Now what I'm doing is tweaking and revising this chunk and adding the little bits and pieces that make the story fun and flow better, as well as developing characters and tweaking dialog so its snappy and distinct to each person. I'll let myself dawdle over it for the next week and then (on Monday, March 24) I'll be hunched over my Dana until about April 21 when I'll stop and tweak what I have before moving on to the last third. If all goes well, I hope to have a solid draft to send to my agent for a reading by mid-June which will give me the month of August to polish before sending it off to my editor on September 1. Maybe I might even have a title by then! Yes, publisher, I'm being sarcastic.

I know what you're thinking. Why not just write the damn thing? Why all this typing about it and how it is going to get done? Think about it for a second. OK, second over. The only thing I can equate writing a book to is committing to lose weight and working out. You just don't jump into the process. You figure out what your goal is, how you're going to work toward it and along the way it helps to achieve mini-goals so you're inspired to keep going and it's not as daunting. Little building blocks lead to bigger ones and, if you stick to it, you'll achieve your overall goal. So fun, so doable, so what!

On another note, this whole Eliot Spitzer thing has been a break for me in the researching department since I've learned all sorts of things about the Mann Act, wire tapping, money laundering and how people are so very interested in the world of high priced prostitution. The main character in the book I'm forever typing about, Raquel Ortiz, isn't a call girl but she gets involved with a pretty shady character and is suspected of being one by her family and, yes, the FBI. So dang, life is weird.

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