Telling Time

The husband picked up this fake watch on his way to the Canal St. McDonald's the last time we were in New York. As far as fake watches go, I suppose it's very nice. I don't know the brand but it's supposed to be self-winding or something. I don't know, he goes off about it all the time. He seems to really like it and wears it except it now refuses to ticktock and so the time is always wrong. It would also cost more to get it fixed then he paid for it on the corner of Broadway and Brand. I figure he should just get over it and buy the real thing, consider the $45 he shelled out for the fake as a test run. He thinks I should buy him the real watch as a $2,500 token of my affection. I told him I'd pay the $80 to have it fixed and not only that, would personally take it to the mall, wait for it and then drive it back home and strap it on his wrist. Now that's devotion for you that money won't buy, especially my money.

When I announced I was in the market for a watch, the sister said, "No one needs a watch anymore, dummy." True. But I don't want just any watch. I want a Timex.

My first thought was to go with the one I remember from when I was a kid, the Easy Reader, left. And it is with it's spare face, clear numbers and overall simple design. At $40, it's also a bargain. I don't know who had one or where I saw it, but when I saw it again on the Timex page, it looked a little too basic for me. So I figure, I can afford to wear something that is a little more grown up. I like the face on the middle watch face, even though its black and at $125 its more expensive but that's because it has six tiny diamonds which is why it's called the Diamond. When I saw the T-Series 3, $80, I knew I'd found my watch. It has everything I like from the Easy Reader and the Diamond without having any of the drawbacks of the two. So next time someone asks me for the time, I can look at my wrist instead of digging around from my cell phone which I usually leave the house without and which will probably be the case with the watch too.

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