Teen Friendly Outfit

The main goal of whatever I wear to an event is to be comfortable but presentable. Since the April 19 event at PCC is intended to inspire Latina high school students, I'm not going to show up in a velor sweat suit and platform flip flops. Even I wouldn't listen to me in that outfit. So I've put together one with stuff I already own and only a couple I'd have to buy. Well, I don't have to. It's more like want to and, young ladies, that's the wonderful thing about earning your own money!

Don't Have: I've developed this thing for button down shirts mainly because I don't own a single one. Why? Two reasons. Yep, I suffer from button gapage in the boob area. If a shirt fits in the shoulders and waist, it pulls in the chest and visa versa. I know there's a company that makes button shirts in cup sizes but I'm not ready to go that far. Yet. Express is my go-to place for sassy working lady separates and the button down shirt (Essential Shirt, $39.50) they're carrying now looks very crisp (hoping they carry it in a navy blue) and is priced right. Paired with a camisole underneath so I can leave buttons unbuttoned will make everyone happy.

Have: I own this pair of pants, similar to the pair above from Express ($49.50) at least in color, that I picked up on the fly at Uniqlo when I was in New York. I swear they're magic pants because they make my ass, which has never been anything to write home about, look freakin' fabulous. I've only worn them once, I don't want to waste the magic, and I was so impressed by my rear view that I went and showed the husband to get his take on it. He more than agreed that there is something about them. I wish I would have gotten them in multiples.

Have: I've been diversifying my shoe wardrobe and now own two pairs of heels that are purely for business. I passed on the Sofft Tyla boots but I've made the commitment to these dark brown suede Ginas, $90.95 from zappos.com. I really want a pair of dark purple Gemmas with the cute flower on the strap, but even I have to admit, I just don't get out enough in the business sense to justify them. Maybe this summer when More Than This (Touchstone, August 2008) comes out. I think having a third book out in two years calls for a new pair of shoes, don't you?

Have: I own a white, sorry, chalk handbag. I never thought I'd be the kind of gal who would. But I am! The first time I saw Banana Republic's Flatiron Triangle satchel, $228, I knew I'd buy it but waited and waited to make sure I was serious. And had a promo coupon. So this bag will be making it's debut on April 19. Now I need a new wallet.

Don't Have: The sister is not at all keen on the idea of me and aviator style sunglasses. But I want something different from the many, many, pairs of black frame pairs I already own. Plus, world, I'm going not black! The idea is to go brown or a warmer neutral shade. I may not be into Kate Spade and Coach bags anymore, but I still like their sunglasses. These Kate Spade Izzys, $168, are delicate, a pretty shade and don't have a whole lot of logo on them.

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