Tax Time Tallies

It's that one day of the year again when the husband and myself will be forced to sit within close proximity of each other and take stock of our financial relations. Goody. Our Beverly Hills (adjacent) tax guy makes the process fairly painless, but I plan to bring a book along with me as I find it really boring to sit across from someone as they key in numbers and word here and there. Plus, I'm going to make his job easier by presenting him with little bundles of receipts, itemized and added up, so we can get to California Pizza Kitchen all the sooner for dinner.

I have the non-traditional means of employ which means I have to keep track of tons (OK, not tons but a lot of stray bits of paper) of work related receipts and expenses. And because the husband is largely ignorant, by choice, of what exactly it is I do with myself and monies (both shared and otherwise) it always comes as a huge revelation to him that one person with only two eyes in her head can spend so much damn money on books. Not even cookbooks or how to please your man tomes, but plain old just for the fuck of it books. Books!

I haven't tallied up the damage yet, but it'll be considerable. I get to write 30 percent off so if he bitches, I'll tell him to go take a big fat look at all those stupid saws and drills he purchased to make one fence and he'll shut up. At least my stuff is easier to hide and justify to the IRS.

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