A Purpose Driven Shoe

Last month is was all about bags. Tote bags, lady bags, bags under my eyes...I've gotten over most of my bag issues and have moved onto shoes. I already own, and don't wear, too many shoes. It's almost immoral as there is no reason a person should own that many pairs for the sole reason that they make her happy. These days a person should not derive happiness from the accumulation of something as shallow as a nice pair of shoes.

Instead, I should start a compost pile and get the neighborhood involved. Do something short of visiting Darfur like George Clooney did where he got that fabulous stomach bug that made him lose all that weight. I should, in short if you consider 5'5" short, care about more than what I put on my feet. Unfortunately, I am a very flawed human being and I like shoes. No. I LOVE shoes, especially shoes that serve a genuine purpose because when I put them on it means I have one or two or three myself.

Mommy in the Morning:
I admit it. I'm one of those mothers who drops her spawn off wearing workout clothes. Except on Wednesdays when I don't usually workout and drop the kid off wearing whatever it was I wore the day before. (It's ecological and time saving!) As I've invested in new workout capris in black (one in gray) and various Ts for the coming warmer weather, I realized my white and red Saucocny runners just would not do. They look dorky and I already look dorky enough. I'm not sure how I came upon these sporty Mary Jane sneakers from Dr. Scholl's (Ceremony, $49.99) but they remind me of the weird split toe Nike slip-ons I used to have a few years ago, only cute.

Two Weeks in Paris:
There is talk, and it's all talk as far as I'm concerned until I see the plane ticket with my name on it, of spending a couple weeks in Paris this summer. The husband is doing this MBA thing and the choice was for him to either go to India in the fall or Paris is the summer. The last time I was in Paris I was sick with pregnancy and did not have a very good time. He's still trying to make it up to me. So if he gets into the Paris seminar, the kid, myself and these Fitzwell Dania wedge sandals ($75) will be joining him for some overpriced croissants and priceless memories. Of course, the husband we'll be in class most of the time, but I'll have the kid take plenty of pictures of me in my shoes so he can see what he's missed.

Cool Writer:
There is a definite dress code for writers around here in LA and if my workout clothes were a bit more baggy and mismatched I'd fit right in. But there comes a time when a writer has to step out of the office (or cafe) and interact with the others. The whole thing goes like this: when a writer "takes" a meeting with media execs (TV or film) the writer must dress like a writer and not an exec. Which means my mother will never see me in that J. Crew skirt suit she always points out in the catalog when she sees me. The writer taking a meeting uniform is a bit more flexible for women, but still pretty limited to nice jeans, an interesting top with a cute blazer to finish it off. I can do that! And for me these super flat and black Delman Mona-sn ($199) scream, "I may be just a writer but I know my shoes, asshole."

Work and Walk:
Remember how Pipi Longstocking strapped those scrub brushes to her feet, tipped over a bucket of soapy water and cleaned the floors of Villa Villekulla by skating around? These Slipper Genie microfiber contraptions ($9.99) are just like that! They come in violent pink and vile green and I plan to buy them in bulk. I'll set up a little shoe cubby on the porch and everyone, everyone, will have to take off their dirty shoes and put a pair of these on and clean my freakin' floors while they visit me.

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