Oh My Monday...

Day one of the kid's ten day spring break went well. I'm not counting weekends as he's usually around then anyway. I actually volunteered to have the kid's best friend over for most of the entire break (except for that day when I have to go to traffic court and I'm still not sure what to do about my Thursday face-to-face interview with the writer from La Cuidad magazine) because the best friend is such a darn nice person.

Not like that other kid who I just don't like even though I realize he's just a child and maybe not aware of how obnoxious he is. But I know he knows he is. He has the gleam in his eye, that evil gleam. The kind that will wind up getting my kid in trouble because that other kid said it would be fun to throw rocks at girls. Of course that other kid wouldn't get caught and my kid can't blame him for the rocks he threw since that would make him a tattler as well as suspended from school. I'd spend the next day or two (depending if any of the rocks made contact) slowly working out the truth of whose idea it was to throw rocks in the first place even though we all know it was the other kid's but can't come out and say it because the kid likes the other kid and will have to decide on his own not to be the other kid's friend which we can only hope happens before middle school when heavy things will start to be tossed off the bridge by the school into the L.A. River. And that's what makes that other kid obnoxious.

I failed to plan for camp for the kid and having the best friend over is the next best thing as they entertain themselves and both aren't that interested in fire. I managed to do some writing (current word count 28,189 on the first revision of the first third), a short yoga session (easing my way back into my workouts so I don't give myself pneumonia) and took them both to the park for an hour or so of wholesome frolicking while I realized Cold Case Squad by Edna Buchanan was not the book for me.

Now, I hate going to the park. It really, really bores me and makes me lust for the life of a single gal who drives a zippy car to her maybe not so interesting job but makes up with it by having an interesting enough life and all the time she wants to call her own. She watches Rock of Love 2 without feeling like she's damaging brain cells while engaging in various depilatory methods whose fumes are probably causing brain damage and she never EVER hangs out at playgrounds watching mothers and nannies wondering if they're just as bored as she is but knowing she can't say anything least they look at her like she's a selfish anti-maternal monster and a bitch for bringing it up in the first place.

Either way, tomorrow we're seeing Horton Hears a Who because it's child appropriate and they both got really excited when I mentioned it. So now I have to since it's one thing for the kid to call me a liar but quite another for the best friend to second it. Don't worry about me. I'm dulling the pain with a venti soy chai and if anyone tries to stop me from bringing my outside drink in, I'll make them read a printout of this posting.

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