Let There Be Light

Last night as I was pecking away at my Dana I realized I was squinting. The screen is rather petite and low tech, its a standard monotone LCD screen with a back light, and though it serves it's purpose it's not doing anything for my eyes. I could go with a desk lamp, but as my writing surface is also on the small size, I don't want to clutter my tabletop. I also don't want to fiddle with the ceiling, acknowledging the issue with overhead fixture. I don't turn it on because it makes me feel like I'm at the dentist, even though I switched out the shade for a customized drum shade. There's also a lack of connection between the switch and the actual fixture wires so I have to stand on a step stool to turn on the light and then it gets hot and brings up all sorts of issues. So a floor lamp it is. But not just any floor lamp. It has to be slim in profile and easy to focus where I need it. I scoured around and came up with four options.

1. I like West Elm. The fixture over the dinning room table is WE and I have plans to buy a matching sconce or two when I get around to it. The one drawback to the Retro floor lamp ($159) is that it might take up too much floor space. I need to tuck it next to my desk, by the window and next to the credenza I use to store my office stuff behind me. But I do like the jointed arm and the shade reminds me of The Jetsons.
2. This Eternity ($139.99) goosenecked floor lamp uses LEDs (ecological) but I can't help thinking it looks a little gynecological. Of the four it's the most unobtrusive but it's lack of design makes it stand out, if that makes sense.
3. I have a CB2 dinning room table, the kid's bed is from CB2 and I'm trying to talk the husband into a CB2 credenza for the dinning room. I like the cheerful shade and the simple over all aesthetic and at under $80, not including tax and shipping, it's well priced.
4. Ikea is my go-to place when I need something but am not prepared to commit major bucks. This lamp, Barometer, is priced under $50 and the style is old-fashioned with a modern twist. It's also the lamp that most "goes" with my office which is still pretty much in its original 1940s state, with moldings and such. I also like it has a foot off/on switch.

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