Good Germanic Morning

Let me make one thing clear right after the bat, I'm not saying my German in-laws are high maintenance because they're German. Or because they're over 50. Or because they happen to be over 50 Germans or anything of the sort. What I am saying is that I had no idea breakfast could be such a production. A nice one that my kitchen was lacking in accouterments to properly pull off. Just in case you, sometime in the future, will be finding yourself playing inept hostess to a couple of Germans who are over 50 make sure to stock your pantry with a few morning time essentials like tea (specifically a strong black tea or English blend black tea), a choice between jam and jelly, butter (unsalted, but sweet), good bread (definitely not Wonder Bread which is not bread), spreadable cheese (Philadelphia Cream Cheese seems to be a favorite), eggs and...

All from Sur La Table: Egg cups (two for $7.50) for soft boiled eggs, egg spoons would be nice but tea spoons will suffice. A teapot ($29.95) to brew the tea and serve it on the table, a salt pig ($9.95) as a shaker is a too little crass for the morning meal, and a toast rack ($19.95). Sure you may not ever use these items all at once after your guests leave, but you'll be prepared if you ever decide to host an exchange student or find yourself with time in the morning to enjoy a civilized breakfast.

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