Busy Bee

So what is it today? Tuesday? Either way, I've just finished polishing the partial on a sexy thriller for my editor to look at with the plan to submit it sometime this month. I've made good progress on my yet untitled novel due in September, word count around 23k and it's now the only thing on my writing plate. I've started the process of organizing an event at ChimMaya that will include myself, Reyna Grande and Mary Castillo (to name three confirmed) and the Las Comadres organization in May. I've been working out consistently, getting plenty of sleep and finally started on the Lauren Willig book series. My own version of productivity is making me want to vomit.

You know what I might do tomorrow? I might go to the movies. Why? Because the next to weeks are going to be my version of hell on earth. The husband's dad and step-mom are coming from Bonn for a week starting on Sunday. My father's relations are descending (ascending?) from Mexico a few days after they arrive and the husband's aunt is blowing into town during the same time. And after that, the kid is off for spring break. So unfortuantely I may be doing more living of real life than writing about fictional ones.

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