I've been coming down with headaches, complete with nausea since earlier this week. The sister is of the opinion that it's due to my new, maybe, caffeine free chai syrup I use along with my stove top steamer (which rocks!). The husband is hoping I'm knocked up, but fat chance of that as I'm all about safety.

So this week I only clocked in two workout sessions, took a day off on Wednesday, managed only a paltry 10 minutes of sun salutations yesterday and today got through the warm up of a new Jari Love DVD. Jumping around and bending over to touch my toes is not helping matters. This is bleak since my weight has crept up a couple of pounds and I'm feeling very blah.

But Monday will be different. Since the headaches seem to come on around late morning, I'm going to start working out first thing before I have to deal with getting the kid off to school and such. The only thing stopping me from doing that now is I've gotten used to staying in bed until way after 7. I had planned on doing some yoga first thing in the morning, going as far as toting my yoga mat into the bedroom, but again laziness kept me horizontal.

And I know if I get my workout out of the way I can wear some of those cute clothes I have in my closet instead of my jerky workout gear, have more time to focus on writing (instead of stopping myself to take an hour of my writing day to exercise) and may even have a reason to catch a movie or meet up with friends for lunch since I'm already showered and dresses. It's all win-win until the alarm goes off at 6 AM on Monday.

Wish me luck!

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