A Romantic Outfit That's All Business

I'm fairly sure that I'm safe for any Valentine's Day plans as I've indicted to the husband I have no desire to venture outside for my yearly dose of public acknowledgment of romance and affection.

But let us imagine that in some alternate universe I am a gal with an office job in Public Relations! or in Publishing! or maybe I'm a Magazine Columnist! and I have a Boyfriend--they can be such fun!--and we're going to do something nice to let the World know We Are A Couple before we go back to either my one bedroom apartment or his equally suitable place for Meaningful and slightly tipsy Sex where Candles and mood setting Music will help make it A Night To Remember for the both of us! (Orgasms! At the same time!)

If I was this person, besides making sure to wear my new Victoria's Secret matching pantie and bra set, I would want to wear something that would be appropriate for work (a cute black suit good for meetings and funerals) but with a little something peeking out that would let the other gals know I Have A Boyfriend and We Are Each Others Valentines if they hadn't already realized it with the delivery of the Bouquet of Roses, Tulips and Snapdragons in my favorite colors--Pink and Cream--that is sitting on my desk, but is compact enough for me to take home with me as soon as I leave for work for my Valentine's Day nighttime Date. And thanks to careful planning on my part, if we do wind up at his place, I have a fresh shirt, undies, and morning essentials in my not so obviously sized tote. Just because I have a Valentine doesn't mean I have to be Obnoxious about it. Nope, not at all.

Gift: Coffee Cup I painted with our Initials at the bottom, priceless.
Sunglasses: Nine West black frame and purple lenses sunglasses, $32.
Jacket and Skirt: Jacket, $148, and pencil skirt, $118, both in black and both J. Crew.
Top: MaxStudio silk chiffon beaded camisole top in blue, $62 (sale price).
Bag: Le Sportsac small travel tote in Downtown print, $68.
Bracelet: Aldo Boscomarengo cuff in silver, $18
Shoes: Nine West black leather bow detail heels, $59.99 (sale price).

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