Progress and Pauses

Happy to note that despite an interrupted work week I've clocked in 13,771 words as of yesterday on my first draft of my next manuscript and have come up with a strong contender for a title. Now all I have to do is come up with another option to present to my editor who shall argue for one of them in front of a conference table of her peers and various heads of department over at Touchstone. The only part I get to play letting my editor know that I strongly prefer the first one and I would be very happy to see it approved. And then she'll email back with a totally different title that was proposed at the meeting.

Figuring out the right title is a little like trying to think of the name of that kid who sat three rows ahead of you in the third grade. You come close only to realize you're way off the mark. So that's my job for the day or at least something that'll be irritating me through the day until I come up with something worthy of emailing my editor.

Add to that, I'm going to polish a proposal for my agent for submission later in March. Yes, another book. This book, though, is like the boyfriend to the one I should be working on which is like a husband. I am completely committed to the husband book and am enjoying its company but guess who I'd rather be doing? Either way, these things, proposals, take time to work their way through the system and once I dispatch the boyfriend to my agent I shall resume being the faithful little writer with only one book on her mind and under her fingers.

Oh, yeah, a confession. I've purchased an Alphasmart Dana and it should arrive tomorrow as well as the Amy Butler Sweet Life Hampton bag to tote it all around in. All I need is an unlined notebook for jotting things down and a couple of fresh black Paper Mate Flair felt tip pens, my iPod and I shall be taking up space at some cafe in the near future for a couple hours a day. Exciting.


Mary Castillo said...

You made a wise investment in the AlphaSmart. When I need to get out of Dodge (eh, away from the Internet like now!), I take my A.S. and work at the library or even better, a coffee shop.

Good luck on that book!


Margo Candela said...

Thanks for words of encouragement and making me feel a little better about shelling out the bucks for the Dana. From what I read, it really is a great tool for writing without the distractions that come with a laptop and that's really what I need. That and a vacation...