Fairly Unproductive Writing Week

Despite my editor emailing some very enthusiastic words on the few pages I sent her in a fit of "I'm not sure this is working. Do you hate it?" I've made very little progress in my effort to get the first draft over and done with. (Current word count: 6,610.)

As with anything, like doing taxes, giving birth, removing a splinter, once it's done the act becomes a proud accomplishment, but when you're in the midst of it, it's hard to fake enthusiasm. This time around I blame biology. Yes, hormones. According to webmd.com I'm currently in the grips of PMS. How do I know? I checked of course. I have some of the symptoms that I can blame my lack of productivity on. Comments in parenthesis mine.

(From webmd.com) PMS symptoms can affect your body, your mood, and how you act in the days or week (a week!) leading up to your menstrual period.

Physical signs include:

  • Acne. (Not so much. Actually my skin is very nice thanks to my Neutrogena Wave face cleaning thingie.)
  • Bloating and tender breasts. (Why yes, thank you, especially the latter which has precluded any bouncy activities and resulted in a focus on yoga for the last few days.)
  • Food cravings. (Not really, but I'm open to suggestions.)
  • Lack of energy. (I'm writing this from my couch.)
  • Cramps. (Nope, but I can't wait.)
  • Headaches. (Nope, I've cut out the offending chai syrup from my life and am now stuck with two bottles I'll try to pawn off or just let sit in the pantry forever.)
  • Low back pain. (Nope, but that might be due to the wonderful benefits of yoga.)

When you have PMS, you might also:

  • Feel sad, angry, or anxious. (Fits of all three. Like when I take the dog for a walk. Does she have to sniff every freaking tree? And not writing makes me realize I'm not writing and that's not a good thing because I'm supposed to be writing.)
  • Be less alert. (Pardon me?)
  • Find it hard to focus on tasks. (So that's what you call it. And blogging is different. I don't have to and shouldn't be doing this so it means I have to do it. This might be another type of medical issue when I think about it.)
  • Want to withdraw from family and friends. (I got new sheets for the bed and, man, they are so soft.)
  • Act in a forceful or hostile way. (Not sure if I can blame this on PMS.)
Either way, I'll get over it and back to work but not today or this weekend or on Monday. The kid is off from school today. The husband is doing his MBA school stuff until Saturday evening and both will be home on Sunday and Monday. Cramps are starting to sound better and better.

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