Early End of My Writing Week

I've officially and legitimately surpassed the 1/3 mark of my first draft goal of 30,000. Yesterday, I'd pasted in about 1,100 words from an earlier draft that I had thought would be chapter one but will now have to be tweaked and appear in the middle of the book. I did this for a little psychological push because benchmarks, even artificial ones, make a person feel she's actually done something toward achieving the larger goal.

As of now my word counts stands at 10,123 (11,245 if I count the pasted in stuff). Not bad and reason enough for me to give myself a little break from Book #2 as it's still known and work on some other stuff. For instance, Book#2 is not a very inspiring title. My editor Sulay said: "...I don’t have a title in mind for book #2, but I want it to be in the same exact vein as More Than This..." So I made up a list of suggestions, emailed them off and she replied with: "...These are actually good…and we’re almost there..."

Hmm. Have I mentioned titling a manuscript has become my least favorite part of the whole process? When I talk to aspiring writers the first thing I always say to them is "Don't get attached to your title. There will be forces beyond your control in charge of that." But still, I can't help myself, having a title makes a book seem more real. So I'm going to spare some time and brain cells to come up with more suggestions that meet my editor's criteria of "...sexy and poignant."

What's my story about?

After almost a year working at as an office temp, Raquel Ortiz sits down for her first real job interview for an ill-defined position at a company she is not quite sure really exists. Much to her surprise she is hired as customer service field liaison. Training starts with a crash course in table manners, wine tasting and how to get out of a car with out flashing her panties.

Once her mysterious boss Mr. Phil and his right hand woman Charlotte Holland deem her ready, Raquel is sent on her first assignment -- a fake date during which she must take note of her "date's" reaction to certain key words she has been trained to slip into the conversation.

As her success rate grows, Raquel is sent on more difficult assignments, traveling to different cities where she pretends to be a Jewish American Princess, an over-scheduled Indian-American medical student and even a party girl from a displaced Persian royal family. Meanwhile her family begins to suspect Raquel isn’t traveling on business but is either a high class call girl or working for the Department of Homeland Security. When the feds come knocking on her door, Raquel realizes she must finally fess up to who she really is and what it is she really wants out of life.

Title suggestions are welcome! Seriously. Post them here or send them to me using my Contact page.

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